About Me

Hello there! My name is Eric Yarger, and I’m a computer enthusiast and photographer based in South East Michigan. I have always been fascinated by the world of technology, and I’m constantly seeking out new ways to explore it. I specialize in computer networking and programming, which has allowed me to develop a unique skill set that I use to solve complex problems and create innovative solutions.

When I’m not working on my computer skills, I love to capture special moments through my photography. I specialize in wedding photography, engagement photos, portraits, senior portraits, and family portraits. I have a passion for storytelling through my photos and I strive to capture the essence of my subjects in every shot.

Another hobby of mine is flying drones and creating video content for my YouTube channel. I love exploring the world from above and sharing the beauty of our planet with others. Through my videos, I aim to inspire people to see the world in a different way and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.

Overall, I’m a curious and creative person who is always looking for new ways to learn and grow. Whether it’s through my work with computers, my passion for photography, or my love of flying drones, I’m always excited to embark on new adventures and see where they take me.